Year of Change.

Dear 2020,

We all started this year with so much optimism that it will be THE year of change. There is something powerful about new decades. It is a fresh start, an opportunity to start over.

And in the midst of the apocalypses... it actually starts feeling like a Year of Change. Just not the way we were expecting. A change bigger than each of us.

We see a global shift to new standards and new normal. It is a reboot of the world's operating system.

Sometimes you need to break things in order to create something radically new, in order to innovate. And it is not about us liking or accepting this disruption. It is just the way how the change happens sometimes.

On a personal note, I am starting this week as one of the Mentors in Building A Second Brain course. This live cohort joins over 700 exceptional people from all over the world on a mission of building a sustainable personal knowledge management system.

As Alumni Mentors we get an opportunity to sharpen our own skills and to serve this amazing community. Over the next couple weeks I will briefly report about this extraordinary journey.



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Personal Growth

My Group brought me this weekend two interesting resources.

Will Mannon shared an intriguing thought from the book “Anything You Want” by Derek Sivers:

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution.

Check out the link, it is really cool. I am still wrapping my head around it.

And today Frank Anaya introduced me to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I started with “The Magical Language of Serendipity and Synchronicity”:

By focusing your energy on this new potential, experience, or outcome, what you’re actually doing is creating and summoning a new possibility from the quantum field (the place where all possibilities exist) into your life. This action is what creates a new future.

I will also tell you in a bit what this Group is all about.


I found a new term: Crowdsourced Learning. It does not seem very popular, but I do like it a lot. Here is one article that describes this phenomenon quite well:

Crowdsourced Learning is a situation in which two or more people attempt to learn something or gain a better understanding of a specific subject by solving a problem or sets of problems together.

In Crowdsourced Learning, the process is learner-centered rather than teacher-centered and knowledge is viewed as a social construct, facilitated by peer interaction, evaluation and cooperation. Unlike individual learning, members of groups engaged in crowdsourced learning capitalize on each others resources and skills (learners asking one another for information, evaluating one another’s ideas, monitoring one another's work, etc.).