Write it down.

Hi there!

Just realized that we are about to finish the first third of the 2020. I am slowly starting to wonder if this will be the year when I take the least photographs in my life.

One of the regrets people start having when growing older is that they have not documented well enough the passed years of their life. I feel that too. I always wanted to journal but could not figure it out.

The only sustainable and traceable thing have been photographs. I have always enjoyed photography and got a “real” camera as soon as I could, which was back in 2005. It cost about 1000USD and I saved for it while washing dishes in a restaurant. It was one of those or similar:

Back then I also got the first external drive and started saving all photos organized by month. These photographs are literally my externalized memory. About many experiences I remember only because of these pictures and only as captured on them.

Later in 2010 I got a tiny Sony that was delivering similar results as my 1 kg monster. With the new camera I also started making videos. They are even more magical! These time capsules take you instantly back and permit to relive the moment.

However, what I do regret is that during all these years of studying, traveling and having extraordinary experiences - I did not have a system for saving my ideas. These sparks are gone forever.

I have been sporadic while trying to capture information: books, articles, web links, PDFs, physical cut outs from newspapers, screenshots and so on.

But I did not realize that the most valuable and ephemeral were my own thoughts and ideas.

I am still trying to assimilate it.

Actually this is WHY I got captivated by personal knowledge management and the concept of building a second brain. I need a system and tool for working with my own thoughts.

Hit reply and let me know if it resonates with you! Or email me any comments at alina.pukhovskaya@gmail.com.



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Personal Growth Through Writing

One of the main reasons for my Newsletter is that I discovered thousand benefits of writing. In my new blog post I focus rather on free writing as a therapeutic tool for restless mind. But let’s see couple other examples:

  1. The gratitude journal - Why? Focus attention on the positive things in live (positive psychology). What? Anything that you appreciated or enjoyed. How often? Every couple days/once a week.

  2. Morning pages - Why? Clear up and quiet the mind. What? Anything at all. How often? Every morning.

  3. The goal journal - Why? Reach goals and capture the journey. What? How events of your life support your goals. How often? Every couple days/once a week.

  4. The values journal - Why? Feel more in control and confident. What? How the events of the day connect to your values. How often? Every evening.

  5. The ideas journal - Why? Find more creative solutions, reflect on thoughts. What? Ideas, inspirations and nagging problems. How often? Throughout the day.

  6. The curiosity journal - Why? Develop curiosity and improve problem-solving skills. What? One thing that made you wonder or ask a question. How often? Everyday.

Writing clears up mind and contributes to a greater sense of control. Try it out!

Community Management

Virtual communities have their own cultures, which include posting norms and tone. Each community has a different understanding of bad and good behavior and of the acceptable ways of reacting to them.

Example of bad behavior would be use of loaded terms, “mansplaining”, and use of obscure language and acronyms.

As a good behavior could be considered:

  1. creation of shorter posts,

  2. proper description of context for questions,

  3. summarization of longer discussions,

  4. engagement of diverse community members.

Integrity, respect and inclusion are important for development of effective online communities.