Learning strategies.

Hi there,

I hope you are doing well and staying safe! Last week brought some changes to my life and I wanted to share big news.

I started a new role as a Knowledge Manager at KPMG Mexico and could not be more thrilled. There will be a lot of training the upcoming month, but I will do my best keep writing these newsletters.

Interestingly, this change means that I am entering again an intense learning phase. Just when I decided to step back and look at learning at meta level and understand it better as a process. 2020 is truly about learning how to learn as a professional, at so many levels.

Considering what I have been recently talking about, I will focus on applying the following strategies to upcoming learning experience:

  1. Project Based Learning (PBL): clear goals, outcomes and deadlines. In case of corporate learning it is important to distinguish what is predefined by your company vs what your personal goals are. Clarity on personal goals helps being more committed to the learning process and reaching better results.

  2. Giving space and time to engage in metacognition, which is “thinking about thinking” or "knowing about knowing". As defined in wikipedia:

    Metacognition includes knowledge about when and how to use particular strategies for learning or problem-solving.

    As suggested in this HBR article, in order to understand if you really get a skill or concept it is helpful to ask the following questions:

    • Do I really get this idea?

    • Could I explain it to a friend?

    • Do I need more background knowledge?

    • Or do I need more practice?

  3. Retention of knowledge through writing (in sense of reflective journaling and note taking rather than content creation);

  4. Setting up a separate, professional Second Brain (aka personal knowledge management system, PKMS) as a Learning Tool - while using Microsoft products. *Actually, I recently gave an entire presentation on the topic of creating and using your PKMS for learning purposes. I plan to share it with you in the next edition of Newsletter - stay tuned.*

  5. Good sleeping habits in order to speed up the learning process and improve retention rate.

That’s all for this week. If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you - just hit reply!