Joining 400.000 people for a live training

I am sold.

Hi superachievers!

This week I joined the New World New You (NWNY) challenge by Tony Robbins. It is a free 5 day event and it is just insane how much value it brings! 

I did not take the event too seriously and was about to drop it all together when I realized that I could not join live sessions and would have to watch recordings. Furthermore, once I opened the first session I saw that it was almost 3 hours

I have been following Tony Robbins for a while but never done any of his formal trainings. It was actually my goal for 2020 to go to his event in San Jose, California. Exactly a year ago I was planning the trip which would have included couple days in San Francisco, visit of Silicon Valley and 4 days event of Tiny Robbins. I was already hopping on the famous SF tram in my mind. 

Anyways, it is January again! And I am ready for some life changing experiences, new challenges and growth to the next level. I have signed up for the virtual Unleash the Power Within (UPW) for this March. And NWNY challenge offered a glimpse of what to expect. The man - who swore never to give his trainings online - is crashing it. He manages to transmit and generate energy even through virtual experience!

Imagine just for a moment - almost 400.000 people from 195 countries are joining simultaneously to watch the live sessions of NWNY. This is what you call a man on a mission.

I have to run now and advance on another hour or two of the todays recording! 

Sending you the positive vibes and looking forward to hearing from you,