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Hi there,

It has been couple months since my last newsletter! My new job extended itself and took all available space in my life - you know how it happens with new / challenging / exciting stuff. But I have been missing ‘thinking through writing’ and will try to get back to content creation.

Anyways, in my new role everything is on Windows+Microsoft set up. I have been using solely Mac for over 10 years, but surprisingly it took me only a week to adapt to new reality. The applications connect seamlessly and support productive (and remote) working environment. There is a lot to talk about, but lets start with One Note - which is pretty amazing! I heard positive feedback about the app before, but it did not make any sense to even try it out as a Mac user. Now it is different.

Why do I care so much about OneNote? In previous Newsletters I have been talking a lot about Second Brain and Personal Knowledge Management System (PKMS).

Second Brain is intended as an extension of our first brain. It allows us offload some of the tasks that use a lot of mental energy and memory, while freeing up space for more creative and challenging activities.

The most ENERGY consuming activity is to track our tasks and to align them to projects. While outsourcing this activity to Second Brain, we can actually go a step further and align our projects to personal goals.

The most MEMORY consuming activity is trying to retain knowledge which we continuously generate while consuming information from hundreds of sources.

PKMS is a system comprised of both 1) applications/tools and 2) processes/workflows. This system helps you capture information, which you consume during the day, and save it in a structured way. Afterwards, it facilitates transformation of acquired information into knowledge and its application for solving problems at hand and/or creation of original knowledge e.g. in form of content.

For a PKMS to flourish it needs a right mindset and appreciation of individual’s knowledge and expertise. It also needs time and patience. If you are also on this journey, take it easy!

I would love to hear from you how you have been doing these couple months - just hit reply to get in touch :)